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Our Specialties
At Noguska, our skills are as diverse as they come. From project design all the way through implementation and pro-active maintenance, we'll keep your business running at optimal levels.

Our certified and trained analysts, developers, and technicians have the expertise to provide business solutions that are long-term and economical.

We know there's a difference between what looks good on paper and what's practical. The same holds true for our staff. We don't hire credentials over experience or vice-versa, but instead we value a blend of both.

So regardless of your exact business needs, chances are that our skilled team has been down that road before and will be happy to guide you along.


Unlike many IT consultants, Noguska can provide support with both Linux and Windows platforms.

Our programming staff develops on the Linux platform daily, specializing in web-based software that keeps you in touch regardless of platform or location.

We also specialize in assisting companies migrate from Windows-based servers, software applications and databases into a Linux backend environment.

So if your company has been thinking about the security increase and fiscal savings provided by moving to Linux, Noguska is here to help.

Module Expertise
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Order and Inventory Tracking
  • 3rd Party Data Integration
  • Payroll and Time Keeping
  • POS and Ecommerce
  • Analysis and Consulting
  • Automated Billing Processes
  • Customized Reporting

Industry Experience
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Distribution and Warehousing
  • Science and Technology
  • Payday Loans and Cash Advance
  • Commercialized Print Facilities
  • Real Estate and Property Investment
  • Timber Millwork and Lumber Processing
  • Retail and Consumer Goods

Need an independent analysis of your business productivity?

Want to expand your operations but aren't sure how?

Let a Noguska systems analyst or IT security consultant lead the way.

Our years of critical foresight on potential issues and formulating innovative solutions for the toughest of problems will help give you the edge in your industry.

We specialize in showing up in crucial situations and analyzing systems, from server level down the line.

When you bring us into your facility we feel its our duty to analyze not just pieces of your operation, but its interconnectivity as a whole.

This means talking to office personnel, assembly workers, IT specialists, and management alike, all to give us the best sense of what solution will best "fit" your business.

What good are software solutions or new equipment if your crew can't utilize them?

This is a common question. Many clients come to us after having bad experiences from software developers or IT techs who leave them to fend for themselves.

Not only is this type of protocol immediately counterproductive, it also results in long-term dissatisfaction between users and their technology.

Noguska avoids this. Not only do we provide quality training, but we do it under circumstances which are most beneficial to your employees and customers alike.

Want the information taught for a specific sector? No problem. Just need web/phone training for a few key personnel? Can do. How about hands-on training for a classroom group? Absolutely!

Let us know your exact circumstances and we'll tailor affordable, beneficial training sessions for your crew to get the most out of your investment.