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We appreciate that you've taken the time to visit our website.

While we are the senior provider of software and IT solutions in northwest Ohio, our services transcend local boundaries.

We have proudly served thousands of clients, large and small, not only on a national level, but globally as well.

What does Noguska offer?

  Remote Support
  Custom Software Development
  Free Web-Based Business Apps
  Technical Business Consulting
  IT and Networking Service
  Certified PC Repairs
  Quality Website Design
  Home and Office Security
  Local Community Specialties   Apply for Tech position
Customer Service:
Phone: 419-435-0404
Fax: 419-435-1844
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30am - 5pm
Saturdays by appointment
Business Solutions
Since 1973

NolaPro Authoring

We are best known in the software world as the developer of the free NolaPro suite. This web-based solution allows you to securely run your business from anywhere worldwide at no cost.

It installs on both Windows and Linux with multi-user terminals being completely platform independent by using a browser interface.

Website Design
Like our website?

We have a large portfolio of web designs that we've done over the years, but efficiently and affordably.

Most who consult with us have been turned off by the high prices and demands of other developers.

Our goal is to provide clean and easily navigatible sites without sacrificing information or functionality

We'll be glad to work with you to provide unique options that make your site truly representative of your business.

Linux Alternative

While our programmers and techs are skilled in any OS environment, we internally use Linux, and offer this option to our clients for the following reasons:
Longer Uptime and Solid Performance
Cost Savings
Free Databases and Apps Available
Complete Admin/User Access Control
Virus Resistant and Spyware Free
Linux Server with Windows Workstations